Student Profile

Parents of successful students at Roger White Academy embrace the concept of Holistic Education and value the inclusion of a spiritual perspective. Students at Roger White Academy commit to follow and respect the holistic curriculum that places equal emphasis on spiritual, intellectual, social and physical education. Students must be willing to learn about and to incorporate these principles in their daily school life. An enthusiastic, positive, collaborative and open attitude is an asset.

Admission Process

Given the individualized curriculum students are able to enter Roger White Academy at any point throughout the school year providing space is available. To apply for admission to the school, please contact the director, Farzaneh Peterson, to arrange for an admissions interview and trial day at the school.


The basic fee for the school year is $7900.00. Fees are payable in 10 equal monthly post-dated installments of $790.00 each beginning July 1st. The first and last month payments are due upon acceptance.

Remedial learning services are available for an additional fee.

A fee of $20.00 will be charged for any NSF cheques. Interest at 2% per month is charged on overdue fees.

Every student is subject to three months probation upon acceptance and may be required to withdraw at any time during that period. Remaining fees will be reimbursed. Roger White Academy reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time for reasons satisfactory to the director. No withdrawal is accepted after registration. The parents or the guardians are responsible for the full payment of the fees regardless of the attendance of the student.

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