About Us

The Director, Farzaneh Peterson (B. Arch. MA),

Director of Roger White Academy, draws on exceptional and diverse academic accomplishments together with over twenty-five years of teaching, curriculum development and administration in avenues of alternative education in five countries. Excelling in math and sciences, her analytical ability has served her well in assessing and re-evaluating knowledge theory, methods of education and cultural contributions. Impelled by the challenges of bringing up her own gifted daughter within the framework of current priorities and understandings in education, she found that every child is an individual with specific gifts and abilities often responding to widely varying methods of learning. Her experience is augmented by graduate studies combining education, women’s studies, and history and philosophy of religion with emphasis on qualitative methods of research. She owns and operates Roger White Academy, a holistic private school in Aurora, Ontario for kindergarten through grade eight.

Mission Statement

Roger White Academy was a private school offering kindergarten through grade eight, founded with the mission to empower children to develop a love for learning and to enable them to develop their full potential as noble human beings. Teaching methods focused on promoting each child’s sense of dignity, encouraging them to internalize and radiate the attributes of a fundamentally spiritual core throughout all aspects of their growth and daily life.

Roger White Academy upheld and promoted a inter-denominational outlook, celebrating the diversity of religion, race and culture as an active contribution to the healing of the world that our children live in.


The educational philosophy of Roger White Academy emphasized the importance of partnership between children, parents and the educational organization. The firm dedication of parents to participate in the curriculum was a prerequisite for entry.

The program offered a comprehensive individualized curriculum from Kindergarten through Grade Eight following the Ontario curriculum. The main objective was to prepare students to become world citizens and true servants of all humanity. The element of service therefore, was an integral part of the curriculum and provided children and their families the opportunity to reach out and act on the qualities that they are learning.

Knowledge is acquired through various channels. Each child is unique and employs different types and methods of learning. Roger White Academy’s individualized program was based on the rate of progress of each child following a three month plan. The plan was based on each child’s personal abilities and demonstrated aptitudes, building on the child’s strengths and promoting sustainable work in areas of additional need. The arts were used as a medium for learning and acquisition of knowledge was promoted as a spiritual pursuit.

Remedial learning services were available on a daily basis as required.

Who is Roger White?

Roger White, a native of Ontario was a champion of the talented and creative, those people, both children and adults, whose vision propelled them beyond the square box of societal expectation. He was an example of cheerfulness and love, demonstrating the spirit of service augmented by the sparkle of an ever-present wit. His acute sense of observation and numerous volumes of poetry are clear testimony to his penetrating mind.

Roger White had been at different times, a justice of the peace, court reporter, interior designer, journalist and for some years was Hansard’s assistant editor in the Canadian House of Commons. The last twenty years of his life were offered in service to the Baha’i World Centre. His multi faceted talents developed to the highest degree of excellence and combined with an unwavering sense of service, provided the rare example of a truly well-rounded soul.

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